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For best results, thoroughly water in your new tree planting to remove any air pockets in the soil. While it isn't absolutely necessary, it is also best to cover the root ball with 2-4" of mulch before installing your Ooze Tube.

Ooze Tube Installation

Your Ooze Tube will come rolled on a wooden stake. There will be a small ziplock bag, containing four drip emitters and a small nail, stapled to the top of the stake.

Simply remove the rubber bands and unroll your Ooze Tube by giving the free end a "yank."





With the fill holes up, wrap your Ooze Tube around the tree, forming a closed "C" pattern.






Lace your Ooze Tube together by joining the two end flaps together and threading the wooden stake through the pre-cut slots.

To hide the stake, turn both end flaps inward before joining together and lacing.




If a slope exists, find the high side and drive the stake into the ground, with the tree trunk in the center of the encircled Ooze Tube.






Fill your Ooze Tube with water from a chlorinated source. If you desire to use water from an unchlorinated source (a lake, stream, etc.), click here to obtain a simple procedure for treating your water.





Remove the small nail from the ziplock bag containing the drip emitters.

Reach inside the Ooze Tube "donut" near the root flare of your tree, and stab a hole near the soil level.

As the nail pierces the Ooze Tube, the plastic will seal around it.



With an emitter in your free hand, remove the nail with your other hand. As expected, water starts squirting out the starter hole.

The squirting water helps you to find the starter hole you have just created.





Insert the sharp end of your emitter into the starter hole and snap it in place. The plastic will seal around the emitter. For the typical tree size (2" to 3" caliper) we recommend that you install another emitter on the opposite side of the trunk. Two emitters will give you about 3 weeks of drip time. Click here for recommendations on other size trees.




Your finished installation should look something like this.

1 emitter, 2" caliper tree, over 1 month drip time

2 emitters, 3" caliper tree, approximately 3 weeks.

3 emitters, 4" caliper tree, approximately 10 days

4 emitters, 5" caliper tree, about a week.

For larger trees, or extended drip times, consider a 35 or 45 gallon Ooze Tube.



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